The Digital Logbook for Childcare
The Digital Logbook for Childcare
Kid journals gone paperless !
Reduce printing costs of paper logbooks and save 50% of your teaching staff workload !

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Why ?

Reducing Costs by Going Paperless

  • Eliminate the costs of printing paper journals.
  • Reduce caregivers workload in half: 50% less time spent filling out child logbooks.
  • Improve parent satisfaction and easily achieve more enrollments.

Enhancing Caregiver-Parent Communication

  • Send important messages or documents to groups of parents via e-mail or text message.
  • Share pictures and customized observations about each child.
  • Receive child absence or tardy notices sent by parents.

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How ?

The digital logbook for childcare, KIDJOURNAL™ helps you meet your childcare needs on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

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